After the lockdowns the ongoing concerts have increased the appetite of the fans but also of the bands. That’s why the last weeks we see so many gig announcements with a variety of choices for all tastes. Some nights there are 2 or 3 different live choices but this was a concert I couldn’t miss since Naxatras, this great psychedelic/prog rock band from Thessaloniki just released their new beautiful album and now that they have just returned from their european tour they presented the album in Athens. Fuzz was packed with people and psychedelic notes while the opening act, Deaf Radio, was a great kick off,,,

“As the colours are coming in…”

Right on 21.00 Fuzz Club was already packed when DEAF RADIO came on stage. They seemed pretty comfortable on the big stage and since they were super energetic through out their set they transferred this mood to the fans with many of them opening small mosh pits during the fast songs, something that was surprising for those that weren’t familiar with the band.

My favorite track from their latest work is “Astypalea” and it lighted nice the middle of their set with notes that got into our body and mind. Their set list was mainly based on “Modern Panic” (2019) but they didn’t forge “Alarm” (2017) so the 45 minutes flew by in no time. Their sound is pure rock n roll, based on guitar riffing that is based on the alternative scene but also includes some psychedelic elements, the way some stoner bands use to do it. What’s more they bring out some melancholy, something we definitely love in this rock style that isnt afraid to show sensitivity. The new compositions were very interesting and seemed to fit nicely with the old stuff.

live video DEAF RADIO:

Deaf Radio setlist:

death club / lizard / colours / modern panic / astypalea / supersonic / model society / animals / backseats

“Now feel pure stars…”    

At 22:15 the time had come to see them live on stage and the kicked off smoothly with “Reflection(birth)” which is the opening track of the new album setting the tone of the night. Then they played “Omega Madness” and I thought they were going to play the great new album “IV” from start to finish (which by the way have become my favorite already) but no, that wasn’t the case because “Proxima Centauri” took us back to their second album and after that they kept doing that going back and forth to their albums, something that gave variety to their set and giving us the chance to looking forward to their next choice each time. The sound was superb, the beautiful light show highlighted their music beauties and the band was playing really tight, fully dedicated to what they were doing so nothing could spoil this great gig.

“Travellers from distant lands…”

Indeed, Naxatras is a great band, they can make you feel special with their music, like taking a trip with their psychedelic compositions or their impressive prog moments and even can make hundreds of people  headbanging with songs like “Journey to Narahmon”. I may have used see them as power trio in the past but the addition of Pantelis Kargas on keyboards give them an extra special touch, something that made better even their old stuff. But that wasn’t a surprise because we knew Kargas’ work from the album, what we didn’t know was the string quartet that came on stage and took “The Answer” on another level. Charizianis was steady on drums and Konstantelias was a joy to listen with some amazing guitar riffing once more but it was the bass of John Vagenas that blew me away during their set. What’s more, when they went funky with “Radiant Stars” we all tried to follow the swing moves, an awesome three minute long dancing with the percussions petting our soul but yes, all the tracks were a small music trip anyway. The epic “The Battle Of Crystal Fields” was equally epic on stage and the rest of the set kept the high level of their performance on top. It was no surprise after the final note you could see so many smiles all over the place. I left the venue with a big smile too while their music was still dancing on my head…

Live video NAXATRAS:

Naxatras setlist:

reflection (birth) / Omega madness / proxima centauri / journey to Narathmon / the answer / waves / pulsar 4000 / ride with time / radiant stars / machine / horizon / the battle of crystal fields / reflection (death & rebirth) / all the stars collide / I am the beyonder / the great attractor

® report/photos/video: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos