Naxatras – IV


The super band from Thessaloniki didn’t let the pandemic to shut them down and returned with another top class album completing an incredible series of four great albums honoring psychedelic rock 100%.

“Now feel pure stars…”

Seven years after their debut album they decided to leave behind the analog recording so this time they used the digital tricks since the new music for “IV” asked for a different approach. The main reason is the different orchestration as  jamming is no longer their main music vehicle. This way they let the songs breath although they are more compact but the funny thing is that they manage to impress us once more. From the warmth kick off with “Reflection(Birth)” until the laid back closure of “Shape of the Evening” the album will take the listener through many different music paths with lots of rhythm alternations, spacey moments, trippy vocals at moments, beautiful guitar solo (“Omega Madness”), some 60s essence (“The Answer”), a catchy lead single (“Journey to Narahmon”) that I can’t wait to listen live on stage, funk shots (“Radiant Stars”) but ok, I will stop here as every track worth to reach the listener.

“Though I know the answer, I don’t know the way…”

Another change this time is that the power trio of John Delias (guitar, vocals), John Vagenas (bass, vocals), Kostas Charizanis (drums) is now a quartet with the addition of Pantelis Kargas (keyboards & synthesizers). The latter has a substantial contribution on the sound of the new album adding a shine on the compositions. Equally bright and beautiful is the artwork made by Chris RW, the superb cover matches so nice with the fantasy trips of the music but also with the concept of the album. If you have never heard of Naxatras it’s time to do it, this is a great band…