A legnendary song from the glorious past of Greek heavy metal, Vaal’s “Necrology”, is going to be re-released

as a split  7-inch and limited cassette. The song was recorded by four members of Spitfire in the memory of four musicians that played in both bands and have now passed away: Makis Kollias, Simos Loukatos, Thanasis Kremidas, Mikis Sygros. The players who re-recorded the song are: Vocals: Panos Dedes (Casus Belli), Drums: Kostas Kyriakides (Spitfire – Raw Silk, Nostalgia for a belief), Bass: Fotis Anagnostou (Thanatos, Spitfire, SpeedFire, Casus Belli), Guitars: Elias Logginides (Spitfire), Keyboards: Giorgos Aspiotis (Nightfall, Spitfire, Raw Silk, Kingdragon).Initially, Giorgos Tsimpounidakis, original Vaal singer was going to handle the vocals, but due to serious personal issues that wasn’t possible. The song was produced by George Aspiotis.