Need – Norchestrion: A Song For The EnD


‘Orvam’, ‘Hegaiamas’, ‘Norchestrion’: The trilogy comes to an end, in a majestic, dare I say prophetic way as far as the lyrics are concerned. With these three records Need not only produce some of the best recent prog releases internationally, but create a legacy of complete musical, aesthetically and linguistically challenging, generally artistic statements, in a way that brings artists like Tool and Steven Wilson to mind, although bands such as Fates Warning maybe represent a more obvious influence in terms of sound.

‘Nemmortal’ was the perfect choice for the first single, its middle-section haunting melody reminding me of Rotting Christ, while ‘Bloodlux’ brings some seriously heavy riffing to the mix. Furthermore, their spoken word transition continues as well, thanks to the existential contemplations of ‘V.a.d.i.s.’. This time the title track, although amazing, is not the longest track and magnum opus, with ‘Ananke’ deservedly winning that title. I will not commentate the finale with ‘Kinwind’, so as to not spoil anything and ruin the surprise for first-time listeners.

Here’s to better days, when we will be unmasked, less tired, less dark and sinister, and able to witness this material played live.