Savatage announce new album and future plans


According to Jon Oliva in an exclusive interview with Sakis Fragos for Rock Hard, Savatage will release their new album in April 2024, while their goal is to play at the most summer festivals, including Greece and close the curtain, biding fairwell to their fans all over the world.

“I have material that can cover three albums. What I’m trying to do these days is to condense them into one album, with three bonus tracks. Once all the guys are here, we’ll record everything so that if I ever want to release another record, it’s 100% ready. I want to be completely honest with you. Some of the material we have is VERY strong. I have caught myself many times thinking that what we have in our hands is really AWESOME. And the fact that me and Zak Stevens will be together on some songs and doing a duet makes me even more excited. I wrote 6-7 songs specifically for Zak to sing, on purpose. I worked on some songs with Al Pitrelli, which definitely suit me. There are also two epic songs where Zak sings some parts, I sing some parts and we sing together in some. It’s the best record I’ve ever written.

(…)Saki, I am not 25 years old. I want to play in Wacken, I want to play everywhere and then that’s it. This will be my way of saying goodbye to the whole world. I want to tell our fans how much I love them. They provide my livelihood. I don’t want to disappoint them. I’ll be there next summer to play festivals and kick some asses!

– I hope in Greece too!

Well, of course! Absolutely! Greece is one of my favorite places. I had met a girl from Crete once, well let’s not talk about her anyway! Hahaha!”

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