Nervosa - Perpetual Chaos

If I had to start the clichés, I would say the classic “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. A phrase that fits perfectly in the case of Nervosa. Prika Amaral, guitarist and founding member, in 2020 (ten years since the beginning of the band) was suddenly left alone after the departure of Fernanda Lira (bass, vocals) who has been with her since 2011 and Luana Dametto (drums).

But she decides not to give up and for the first time the Brazilian musician is going abroad to find new members, this time as quartet. A case of Mediterranean countries, as the band features vocalist Rocío Vázquez a.k.a. Diva Satanica (Bloodhunter, ex-Outreach) from Spain, experienced bassist Mia Wallace (Niryth, ex-Abbath, ex-The True Endless) from Italy and drummer Eleni Nota (Mask Of Prospero, Lightfold) from Greece.

The result? A very good thrash metal album that may have the sound of Nervosa but does not stay there, showing that the band is moving forward. The death metal elements are also much more intense in vocals, guitar riffs and drums. Diva’s voice is much more aggressive than her predecessor and reminded me a bit Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy). Probably not by chance judging by the nickname he chose.

“Perpetual Chaos” includes thirteen tracks, none of which are longer than four minutes, thus showing the band’s intention to write fast, aggressive and in-your-face music. Something that is clearly seen from the opening death/thrash dynamite “Venomous” with Eleni blasting like a maniac, while the self-titled and “Kings Of Domination” move in a similar style.

One of the biggest problems with modern thrash albums is that they sound the same from beginning to end. But not here. Ominous Slayer riff in “Guided By Evil”, old-school speed/thrash style in “Time To Fight” and “Rebel Soul”, intense Destruction essence in “Genocidal Command” and in various riffs and rhythms. The album gives the impression that many different influences have blended, so I guess it is a team work in the songwriting process.

The production of Martin Furia is awesome and here we will find three guests. Brazilian guitarist Guilherme Miranda (Entombed A.D., Krow), the one and only Schmier (Destruction) in “Genocidal Command” and Erik A.K. (Flotsam And Jetsam) in “Rebel Soul”. In conclusion, Prika decided to take a difficult path and made Nervosa an international band from four different countries. The result justifies her choice and the band consolidates its position among the most important of the modern thrash scene.