“Teenage Rebel” is a record that a lot of people out there were waiting for. Personally, the case of Nestor reminds me of the time when H.E.A.T. brought a breath of fresh air to hard rock since their debut album (“Kids in Ghost Town”) had caused a delirium of excitement in the community. Between you and me, however, I think the reactions to that album were exaggerated although I must stress that any effort that brings in more people or rallies the existing audience in the genre is positively valued by me.

So, I may not be Nestor’s biggest fan but “Teenage Rebel” is an enjoyable album full of 80’s tunes and with a band that is clearly on an upward trajectory while showing a willingness to stay on top…and that’s important! Also, this time the Swedes clearly deliver 80s hard rock more convincingly with all the necessary references to Bon Jovi, Survivor, Europe etc. while at the same time they impress with the quality of the compositions which are clearly even better than the first album. And if all this is not enough to convince even the most restrained hard rocker out there, I would suggest listening to “Caroline” and the title track for the sake of argument.

“Teenage Rebel” easily ranks among the top hard rock releases of the year and this carries more special weight as Nestor is highly regarded in the industry. On the other hand, we will of course not go to the other extreme and claim that “Teenage Rebel” is a hard rock magnum opus but in our time such releases are rare or come exclusively from the other side of the Atlantic.

Highlight: As much as it saddens me, Sweden is the leading force in hard rock since in USA bands seem to choose other musical paths…for the most part, at least!