Anthrax drummer, Charlie Benante, revealed some details about the new album,

which will be released later in 2015, or in early 2016, on “We have a title in mind and we have a concept for it and everything,” he said. “One of the first songs that written for the record, the title became ‘You Gotta Believe’. It had a part two to the song that I called ‘The Evil Twin’, because it reminded me of the other song and they flow so well into each other. Those two songs, they’re both old-school thrash metal songs, but they’re done in a modern way. Those are two of my favorite songs on the record and they’re long and really ferocious. There’s another song that clocks in at seven minutes and it’s one of my favorite songs on the record, because it takes you on a musical journey. I’m really excited about some of these longer songs, and, of course, the songs that are fast are just extremely aggressive. I’m just happy about the way this is all coming out.” He also spoke about Anthrax’s latest addition, Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais, Benante: “This being his first record that he’ll be making an appearance on, I just wanted him to come out shining and kicking ass. I think he deserves it. I think with Shadows Fall, it was his thing. With us, I think his style is a little different. I definitely wanted him to be aggressive in his approach to his leads. The shit that he’s doing, it’s really good. I’ve joked about this, but it’s really not a joke; he’s my new guitar hero… I swear, I think, on this record, we’ve wrote more lead breaks than any other record that we’ve had. There are a lot of leads going on in this record — maybe too much [laughs], but it’s good. The cool thing about him, we did this live DVD down in Chile, “Chile On Hell”, and after spending time doing the mix and everything, Jon’s playing was spot-on. You know how some guys will go in the studio and overdub some of their parts, and they’ll be, like, ‘Oh, I fucked that one up. I gotta fix that.’ He didn’t fix anything. He was pretty much spot-on.”