Ricky Medlock re-introduces Blackfoot with a brand new line up that he formed, produced the new album, played guitar and on the music video that you can watch below. “I hand-picked four guys over a period of three or four years,” Medlock told the Herald Courier. “And, finally, last year, I took them in the studio and produced a new record on them, co-wrote half the songs and did some guitar work on it.” The new Blackfoot are Tim Rossi, Rick Krasowski, Brian Carpenter and Matt Anastasi, the new generation as Medlock comments: “You have to realize, and people never stop to think about the age process, I’m now 65. The generation that loved Blackfoot is the older generation now. But there are new generations now.”
*Also, not that Medlock has changed the spelling of his name which is no longer written as “Rickey Medlocke”, but Ricky Medlock!