Uriah Heep

Sonicbond Books announced the release of a new book on Uriah Heep, aptly titled “Uriah Heep in the ’70s”, written by Steve Pikington.

PRESS RELEASE: Incredibly, Uriah Heep have now been active for a full fifty years. However, few would argue that the period which has come to define them the most, and during which they were at their most influential, was 1970-1980. During this decade they released an incredible thirteen studio albums and a legendary double live album, as well as having a regular turnaround of musicians in all but the guitar and keyboard roles. During this remarkable decade, there were the first three albums, as the band sought to find a stable line-up, followed by the classic run begun by the Demons And Wizards album featuring the definitive Box/Hensley/Byron/Kerslake/Thain line-up.

When charismatic frontman David Byron departed, there was a period of some uncertainty, but still some remarkable music was made. In this book the reader will be taken on a year-by-year journey through that decade, looking at the albums, the often gruelling touring schedules and the ups and downs of the relationships within the band. Never quite attaining the sales and success of some of their rivals at the time, Uriah Heep nevertheless released some of the most extraordinary music of the decade – and this book takes you through it all.

Stay tuned for further details.