Killswitch Engage present their music video for their new song, “Hate By Design”, from the forthcoming album “Incarnate” that is due for release on March 11th via Roadrunner. Singer Jesse Leach posted on Instagram about the song: “This song in particular is important for me due to the overwhelming amount of overt hatred (as well as subtle hatred) portrayed in mainstream media and news media. On a daily basis we are bombarded with other people’s agendas that perpetuate the segregation of us as a human race. Hatred is embedded in all of us through, not just the media, but the way we were raised by family, influence from our environment and people that surround us. As we grow as humans hopefully we are able to discern what is wrong and what is right, what defines us and what does not. Often times that line of discernment is blurred due to situations and experiences that shape us as people.

“The song ‘Hate by Design’ starts with the line ‘We are born free from the restrains of this society, helpless to what is instilled.’ We are a bi-product of all of these elements that surround us and it takes effort to break free and choose what defines us. I find true inner strength comes from a place of love, a place of wisdom and understanding. Hatred is a poison that in time will tear you apart and destroy you. It is on all of us to realize we have a greater much more profound path we can choose in this life. When you decide to break away from this viscous cycle of inherit hate, you will have a radically different outlook on life. I speak from experience my friends. We must seek to find some understanding to redefine our lives. It’s never too late to change the course of your life.”