Magnum will release their next studio album in January according to Bob Catley who talked with Midlands Metalheads Radio. “The new album [is] coming out in January next year… We aren’t even halfway through recording at the moment, but the new album usually comes out in January”, he said. Tony has written all the songs, and we’re doing our parts now. I’ve been away with Avantasia for some time, but I’ve done most of my vocals before I left. I’m going to change some lyrics, so I’ve got to do some of these again now, which will be for the better (…).We still have Rodney Matthews for the front cover, as always. Lovely stuff. We’ve just seen the pencil drawing he sent to the studio the other day of the new artwork. [It’s] great — fantastic… It works really well, I think. It’s old-school artwork – fantastic old-school stuff. A bit mysterious, a bit arty, a bit fantasy. We like dragons, and we like wizards. We like all that stuff. Why not? A lot of people out there still love that stuff, so why not?”