Sunstorm - Afterlife

Sunstorm’s new album, entitled “Afterlife”, will be released by Frontiers on March 12 and will feature Ronnie Romero on vocals.

The first single and the first details will be published on January 15, according to the company.

Obviously, the question that arises is where is Joe Lynn Turner? The singer of the project, with whom they have released the five albums so far (“Sunstorm”, “House Of Dreams”, “Emotional Fire”, “Edge Of Tomorrow” , “The Road To Hell”) and was the only authentic member since Sunstorm launched in 2006.

Frontiers’ Facebook page is flooded with messages from fans, most of whom have the same question as above, “Where is Turner?”

Here’s the tracklist for “Afterlife”:

1. Afterlife

2. One Step Closer

3. Swan Song

4. Born Again

5. Stronger

6. I Found A Way

7. Lost Forever

8. Far From Over

9. Here For You Tonight

10. Darkest Night

11. A Story That You Can Tell