Oceans Of Slumber released a brand new video for their song “Sunlight” off their recent debut album “Winter”. The band impressed with its work most of the music media and Rockpages.gr couldn’t have been an exception: “There are times like these, when out of a sudden your chief-editor gives you an album that will make you stick next to your speakers. The first time I’ve listened to Oceans, was some months ago when I saw a YouTube video in which they cover “Solitude” of Candlemass. But don’t think ahead, they don’t play doom metal. In fact, they don’t even know what they are playing. So, for safety reasons let’s say progressive metal. They have many influences, it’s very clear when you listen to this album. For example, “Winter” starts slow and evolves into a death metal hymn like early Opeth and In Mourning”. Check out George Terzakis’ review here!