In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock David Coverdale talked about Whitesnake’s new album, as well as the new DVD the band releases in Novermber 24th. About the album he said: “The studio album that we’re working on, we’ve never had such an immense amount of positive material. I’ve worked, for the first time as writers, with Reb Beach and with Joel Hoekstra. Because when Joel came in, we were doing The Purple Album, of course. And not only do we have great Coverdale/Hoekstra and Coverdale/Beach songs, but we have the three of us combining [as writers]. The songs are f—ing excellent. We have 18 or 19 extraordinarily positive, potent, juicy classic Whitesnake songs from balls to the wall to blues, to epics to ballads. It’s kick ass. It’s definitely got me fluffed up. That will be [coming out in] late spring next year”. As for the new DVD, which is a concert from the “Purple Album” tour he said: “it’s f—ing fantastic. I’m going from talking with you guys to finishing off the edit today. We’re doing the last tweaks and then delivering it to Warners. It’s kick ass. To promote it, we’ve put together Whitesnake as you’ve never seen them before on a video for “Burn.” It is un-f—ing-believable. It’s a full production video. And we’re still tweaking, but the people at Warners who have seen it, they’re mind blown by it”.