Nickelback – Feed The Machine


I never tried to hide my big love for Nickelback! Since 2001, they keep coming up with excellent studio albums and without any sign of exaggeration they had managed to define the American rock sound of the 00s. It’s not a big secret that they are not the most favorite poster boys of the media but the fans support them and Nickelback continues to shift thousands of records thus going against the grain with the overall pathetic state of the current music industry.

“Feed The Machine” is different but at the same time similar to what the band has done in the past. What I mean is that the album is definitely their heaviest to date (with the guitars being aggressive and sharp in the vein of “The Long Long Road”) but it also includes all the familiar elements of the trademark Nickelback sound. Especially, when Chad Kroeger and the gang decide to display their most sensitive side with the ballads, one cannot spot any difference whatsoever with the previous offerings. Naturally, I wouldn’t expect from a band to change their sound after more than 20 years of hard work and I guess their fans wouldn’t either.

“Feed The Machine” has some really great, heavy moments and a few indifferent ones that luckily for the potential listener don’t dilute the final result. I’d say that this is their heaviest album and Nickelback once again succeeded in blending the post grunge sound with the modern alternative metal. As for the rest of the bunch who can’t stand them…well, haters are gonna hate…right?

Highlight: The fans of Extreme should better check out “Feed The Machine”…I am sure they are gonna trace a lick or two of their favorite guitarist in there…