Nickelback – No Fixed Address





Nickelback belongs to a very special and private club of bands that has managed to reverse the terms of the current state of music industry and prove that if you write good songs, display them with a well-crafted production, sonically project your musical identity and most importantly being promoted by the proper management then…the sky is the limit! This is a band that has sold more than 50 million records (in a time and age when if a band shifts 200.000 units is considered to be a supergroup!) and occupies the top spot around the world for almost 13 years now. Every single Nickelback album is the ideal vehicle for yet another commercial and artistic success and “No Fixed Address” could not be the exception to this golden rule…

Revolving around the same musical style as its predecessor (“Here and Now”), Nickelback’s new album does not attempt to go…where no band has gone before and naturally shows a band that is absolutely satisfied with its current state in the music scene. And truth be told here; why fix something that it is not broken? Nickelback has found the winning formula after “Silver Side Up” and balances harmonically over the mainstream rock sound and the power pop/rock ballads. That being said, they release albums that are capable of satisfying both the teenagers around the world but also all the open minded rock fans out there. Chad Kroeger comes up with some of his most inspired lyrics on “Edge of a Revolution”, “She Keeps Me Up”, “Get ‘em Up” and “Million Miles An Hour” (the 4 best songs on “No Fixed Adress”).
For me personally, Nickelback is the best band of the past 20 or so years.
Highlight: “No Fixed Address” is the first Nickelback record under the Republic Records label.