Night Demon – Curse Of The Damned


We have stated many times through the years via those (rock)pages about the impossible task of musically reinventing the past and discovering once again the wheel. All these happened in the past and unfortunately for all of us, rock music may still be alive but it has surely become a genre for the dinosaurs (with all the positive and negative aspect of the word). The conversation about who can really become the next big name in the music business (which is falling apart, by the way) still reigns and the future doesn’t look bright whatsoever.

Night Demon doesn’t seem to pay attention to all this talk and from the other side of the Atlantic pay homage to their heroes like Diamond Head, Maiden and early Saxon. The Americans fall into the so called New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal category and needless to say that they don’t make the slightest effort to inject any modern element to their sound.

Having said that, I am sure that you can easily reckon that “Curse Of The Damned” refers to all the fans of the 80s, old-school heavy metal and most specifically to all those who dig bands like Enforcer, Cauldron, White Wizzard etc. As for the rest…oh well…

Highlight: The cover sleeve is brilliant and absolutely fitting with Night Demon’s sound.