Night Demon – Live Darkness


Night Demon is for me personally the best band of the so called New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal genre. This distinction might also go to Enforcer but I believe that Night Demon is a tighter and more precise outfit. Their two full length albums together with their debut EP has left a permanent stamp on the metal community but I truly believe that the band surpasses every expectation when it comes down to the live stage! And this is exactly what we get and experience with Night Demon’s first live official recording which is appropriately entitled “Live Darkness”.

On this double CD the potential buyer/listener is exposed to 23 heavy metal anthems as Night Demon performed them in Ohio last December. The remarkable aspect of the tracklist is that we get all the 4 songs of the EP as it is now highly collectible and hard to find (especially the first edition). Needless to point down that Night Demon is an absolute killing machine on stage and the songs get to a higher level due to the band energy and flawless takes. Especially Jarvis Leatherby is phenomenal behind the mic and on the bass.
Some may wonder if it is so early to come up with a live album after only a couple of releases. That’s one side of the coin. The other one is that Night Demon absolutely take no prisoners on stage (in the studio they are naturally more confined)…so, you chose your side!

Highlight: Night Demon brought the house down in Greece before their regular show as they performed a special concert exclusively comprised of cover tunes.