Night Ranger released new song & video


Night Ranger released a new video for their new song, “Breakout”, from their upcoming studio album “ATBPO”, which are the acronyms for “And the band played on”, due to be released this August.

“The process was strange but the outcome rocks,” said Jack Blades.

Added Kelly Keagy: “This record was incredibly hard to do as we could not be in a room together with all the COVID-19 issues that were going on. But sometimes you do your best work when there’s a deadline approaching.”

States Brad Gillis: “It’s been a crazy but fun task trying to write and finish this new record in a COVID situation. A few zoom video gatherings got us started. With everybody in the band having their own home studios, we were all able to elaborate and add our own textures to each song. As a vintage guitar collector, I was able to add some great classic sounds to rhythm and solos using my 57 Strat and 52 Goldtop! I hope everyone enjoys the record!”