The legend of Cassiopeia is one of the numerous and most exciting legends created by the Ancient Greeks. Yet, given a bit more thought to it and respective matches, it resembles reality even more.

The name of Andromaches’ mother is the title of the new Nightfall album. First things first I would like to congratulate Efthimis Karadimas and his colleagues for using Greek Mythology over Nightfall albums and mainly because of the way they present Greek Mythology to the world. Should a person from a country where music industry is still blossoming do such a thing, everybody would say they’re geniuses…

As I mentioned during my album studio report a while ago, “Cassiopeia” is the best album the band has released since “Diva Futura”. Music is based on guitars and melody is the result and the outcome. This is the main “Cassiopeia” weapon, assisted by exceptional compositions. Vocals are quite heavy, perfectly matching the orchestration, giving, at the end, a representative and deeply sophisticated Nightfall album. It’s a metal album, do not think you can find something else in there. It’s dark, with death and gothic shades in the background, with melodic yet frenzy guitars.

Although “Cassiopeia” does not contain any weak spots at all, I would like to distinguish “Oberon And Titania”, “Stellar Parallax”, “Hyperion” and “Akhenaton, The 9th Pharaoh Of The 18th

I should not therefore I will not leave outside this review the fact that the album is not a concept one; it is not only focused on the Cassiopeia myth.

“Cassiopeia” is the best I could expect from the longest-living (active that is) Greek band. Maybe it’s time for Nightfall to claim what is theirs. After all, Cassiopeia has become a constellation, sitting on her throne…

I really like the cover of the album. Maybe because it’s too spare.
Well-done to everybody contributed to this album!