Nightfox – White Cobra


Nightfox is from Norway and this is their debut album…this could easily be the first line of a press release by the band’s record label. And truth be told here; the guys make a sensational first step after a long gap of inactivity since their formation. The main characteristic of Nightfox’s sound is the perfect balance between the 80s era and the modern-day recording environment thus they manage to get away from the potential error of being just a copycat of the classic bands. In addition, the production is well-crafted, crystal clear and not flat (as it happens with most albums nowadays). A good head start, right?

But none of this positive elements would matter without good songs…after all, that’s the key-factor of all the albums. Luckily and thankfully for all the hard rock fans all around the world, Nightfox delivers a full arsenal of great and remarkable tunes. If we had to mark down the place and time of where and when that album stems for, the answer would be instinctively easy: USA of 1982-1984 era. That was the time when the first wave of L.A. hard rock sound made its first impact. If I had to name just a few bands that Nightfox sounds alike that would be Dokken (of the “Breaking the Chains” and “Tooth and Nail” era), Keel (circa 1984) and Black N’ Blue of the first album. Especially, multi-instrumentalist Erik Winther has come up with some really inventive guitar solos that kinda reminded me of the great George Lynch.

All in all, this is a pleasant surprise from Norway that every hard rocker should definitely check out!

Highlight: Keep an eye on singer Felipe del Valle Brieceno…really strong vocals on “White Cobra”.