Nightmare – The Burden Of God

You know what… I really like this band… It’s like growing young listening to these guys… In 2007 we had presented “Genetic disorder”, in 2009 we reverted with “Insurrection”, now it’s time for their brand new album, “The burden of god”… French are back, playing epic Metal, grand-baroque Power Metal, possessing the Riffs, the voice, the enthusiasm for such a thing. “Children of the nation” is my witness here; this is one track that will nail you through many walls indeed! This is one mighty hymn! When I was doing the “Insurrection” review, I was stating they were getting ready to smash the stages of the world. That’s something I need to see! “Doomsday prediction” is a regular bomb blast and then a Maiden twin guitar thing is sweeping us off, we’re talking about an out-of-this-world experience! Naturally I’m thinking this is the song I like the most off the album and before even thinking it over, “The dominion gate” is coming over, featuring a thunderous Riff, you know, like the magic ones Jeff Waters is doing, featuring shared vocals and a very special chorus.

This is one album totally recommended, suggested, specified and given via prescription to everybody who’s into Metal for real, to everybody who’ll never say no to melody. I checked their website, the live dates and they will invade France (naturally), Belgium… Even Israel and Spain! How about a stroll over the land of the godZ? Yeah, I know, the times are not the best for a concert here. However… it’s just sad that we can’t have this historic band, this superb band, playing on Greek ground. It’s just sad…