Nightstalker – As Above, So Below


In this case, where a band, which we literally grew up with, decides to provide us with one more batch of creativity, then we cannot help but be excited even with this fact alone. Listening to the first two -from a total of 9- amazing songs, can be compared with a “dip” into a raw side, which Nightstalker hadn’t shown since the “Side Fx” era. But, “Zombie Hour” and “The Dog That No One Wanted” bring back the beloved and wonderfully psychedelic style we are familiar with. As the album progresses, we book tickets for a trip at places, which look familiar, but in reality they are unique and uncharted. Each and every one of the next five songs, encloses particles from every previous album of the band, but they all have something new and magnificent as a quintessence, setting them apart from every older song of ‘Stalker. Last notes of “Blue Turns To Black”, not only leave us with a feeling of pure euphoria, but also leads to the conclusion, that this band will never get old or go out of fashion. One could easily claim that its “Soul” remains the same as time goes by, but the reality is that it evolves perpetually, in a way that makes us always crave the next live show, the next album, the next joke coming from Argy’s mouth. And what comes after all these is the same…a big smile painted on our faces.