In a revent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the chief, Steve Harris, said that Nightwish have the talent and the chance to become as big as Iron Maiden. When he was asked if there are new bands around that he likes and whether there is a possibility nowadays that a band becomes as big as his own, Steve Harris responded: “Wow, that’s a tough one because I think there are some good bands out there. I think times have changed so much and who knows whether they have the chance to be a global band like Maiden is. It takes a long time for a band to become like Maiden has. Certainly, some bands have got the talent. I think Nightwish are a great band and they’re getting bigger all the time. They probably have the biggest chance of (reaching Maiden status)”. There’s a band that I like called Lord of the Lost, they did some gigs with Maiden. I think they’re really good.

“I think my son (George)’s band, Raven Age, is fantastic. The thing that separates them is that they’ve got such great songs. Every single song on both of their albums – they’re all great songs, in my opinion. That just shows the depth. A lot of bands have good songs but maybe not a full album’s worth. It’s so difficult – there are so many good bands out there, but whether they can take it to that level is all based on circumstances and timing and all that stuff.”