Nightwish – Decades – Live In Buenos Aires


After an interval in 2017, the symphonic metal giants are back in action with the band’s mastermind curves once again the path for this new journey for Nightwish. “Decades Tour” was just a reminder of who’s really calling the shots in the genre of symphonic metal as Nightwish are absolutely unstoppable with an onward course towards perfection.

“Decades – Live In Buenos Aires” is the third live offering that Nightwish releases after Floor Jansen had joined the band. Actually, it’s the second live album after their latest studio album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. Some might say that this is really an exaggeration and over saturation of live albums but the truth is that there is plenty of new and different material in there. For starters, let’s say that “Decades – Live in Buenos Aires” is available on Blu-Ray, CD and vinyl editions. It captures Nightwish live in the Argentinean capital in late September 2018 and from my perspective it’s quite possibly their best set list ever!

Apart from the excellent camera work and overall direction, the band unleashes an arsenal of rare cuts of which some of them have never been performed. . The opening “End Of All Hope” (after the intro of “Swanheart”), “10th Man Down”, “Dead Boy’s Poem”, “Elvenpath” are tracks that all the Nightwish fans have been longing for many years and Floor is really surpasses every single expectation!

The band leaves you under the impression that they are reborn and the multi-talented Troy Donocley really shines on stage as it is really the case for all the Nightwish members as every one has a very specific role to play each night. It goes almost without saying that the Argentinean fans create a monumental atmosphere with their frenzy reactions during the show that eventually comes to an end with the majestic “Ghost Love Score”. It was quite possibly…The Greatest Show On Earth!