The news of the new live material release by the pioneers of the symphonic metal has always been of special interest and it always keeps the band’s friends on their toes. No wonder why the special edition of “Vehicle Of Spirit” completely sold out from the very beginning of the pre-ordering period.

Initially, my thought ran to the relatively recent release of “Showtime, Storytime” which was about Nightwish’s performance at the Wacken Open Air Festival in August 2013 wondering why they did it so soon. Wasn’t the time span of two years a little bit too soon for a new release to come out? It was the first live release with new singer Floor Jansen who had undertaken ‘duties’ a few months earlier. In between we also had the exceptional “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, the first album with its material written for Floor. That was, most possibly, one reason for the new live release. I watched all the rest on screen! This triple DVD includes the sold-out appearance at Wembley Arena in London on 19th December 2015, another one in Tampere, their hometown, on 31st July of the same year, and ten songs from the same tour on the other side of the Atlantic. The quality is superb in all dimensions regarding technical issues, broadcasting, production etc. Nightwish have been on stage for some years now, a really great band jumping out of impressive settings and amazing lighting effects, all being components which compliment a band’s show even more. Despite all these though, the reason why I believe that this purchase is essential is the exaltation of Floor!

Having spoken to experts, experienced musicians and key figures in the music industry they all reach the same conclusion-that she is a perfect ten all over the world in metal as far as technique is concerned. I agree with this of course, adding the power of her performance and her imposing bearing at her every moment on stage. She manages to carry out unique performances, many of which are quite personalized, giving to almost all the songs her incredible temperament. Shall we try “Shudder Before The Beautiful”(I can watch the Wembley performance from dawn ‘till dusk) opening song for the tour which is written of course by a remarkable composer just for her? Shall we try “She Is My Sin” from way back, written for a soprano? Or maybe “The Poet And The Pendulum” which can literally take us to the moon? This girl truly excels in what she does and she has the potential for more!

“Vehicle Of Spirit” is one of the best works to keep us occupied for 2017 as Nightwish are taking a break and Floor is going to experience the magic of motherhood  at any time really soon, she has our warmest wishes of course.