MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx says that his other band, SIXX: A.M.,is its own entity and not an attempt to recycle elements of the CRÜE in order to appeal to an already established fan base. “I think they’re totally separate — I really compartmentalize the two,” Sixx tells “What’s important to me is to never do anything I already did in MÖTLEY CRÜE, because I cherish that music, those times and those band members. So, I never want to try and replicate that.”
He continues: “A lot of times, I see people try and do ‘the next thing’ and it’s just kind of the same as the other. [If that were me] I’d think, ‘Well, why not just do MÖTLEY CRÜE?’ But why would I do another version of MÖTLEY CRÜE? SIXX: A.M. is completely different musically, spiritually, emotionally, visually…and that gives me pride. The people who are coming to see us, are coming to see SIXX: A.M. We don’t play MÖTLEY CRÜE music and we never will play MÖTLEY CRÜE music. The day MÖTLEY CRÜE plays its last show, I will never play another MÖTLEY CRÜE song again…even if it’s one I wrote.