Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites


This amazing band doesn’t need any introduction. They have built a very strong name in the extreme metal scene and not by any mistake. I have to say that I had my doubts about how this release would sound, as in 2017 the guitarist/bassist/singer/composer Dallas Toler-Wade left the band after twenty years, a very important member in their history. Thankfully, nothing stops the founder Kars Sanders, as the ninth full-length release of Nile is of high level.

And the reason behind it is because they know how to play true technical brutal death metal. In comparison to so many posers out there who are…wanking (pardon my French) on their instruments with meaningless demonstration of technique and try to put as many stuff as they can in the few minutes of a track with the result being a pile of shit, Nile create music. You can understand the beginning and the end of their compositions, while the musicians still show their terrific technical abilities.

The album is very good, as the known sound of the band is still there. Not only when they play fast, but also when they lower the tempos and create these characteristic ominous atmospheres. The riffs and frenzy solos are great, George Kollias destroys everything that stands in his way with his drumming and it’s very interesting that the two new members Brian Kingsland (guitars, vocals) and Brad Parris (bass, vocals) have contributed with the compositions, making “Vile Nilotic Rites” a group work. Of course, the necessary middle-eastern melodies and chorus vocals are also here, especially in the songs with the longest duration.

I didn’t distinguish certain tracks, as they all have to give something different to the album. Whether they last three or eight minutes, the result is the same. High quality technical metal (or ithyphallic metal in their own words) with killer production that their fans will appreciate. Nile don’t disappoint and add another remarkable release to their discography.