Cherie Currie says a full reunion of iconic seventies rockers THE RUNAWAYS will now probably never happen.
Speaking on the “White Line Fever” podcast, Currie outlined in great detail her relationships with fellow former bandmates Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox and Sandy West and the previous attempts to get the band back together.
“It’s funny. A little over 20 years ago, Lita had reached out to us to convince us, me and Joan, to do a RUNAWAYS reunion,” Currie, now 57, says.
“And we did, with Kenny Laguna [Jett’s manager, co-producer and co-songwriter for the past 35 years] basically at the helm, he secured a tour and Lita, she just basically doesn’t get along with Kenny and she just walked away from that. Now she’s come back and she … I’ve always wanted a reunion. I’ve worked with every single one of the girls since the band dissolved. I’ve worked with Jackie, Sandy, Lita and Joan … separately, but I’ve performed with all of them.
“I really did see a RUNAWAYS reunion happening but now I don’t believe it will because Lita and Joan just can’t seem to figure that out. So I’m now saying that’s not going to happen, unfortunately”.