U.S. District Court Judge Dean R. Pregerson has denied RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer’s latest application for a temporary restraining order against the band’s original bassist, Juan Croucier, explaining that he isn’t convinced either party owns the group’s trademark.

Blotzer and RATT guitarist Warren DeMartini are the only remaining shareholders in WBS, Inc., the company which manages the business and operations related to RATT. In its request for a TRO, WBS — with Blotzer acting as both chairman of the board and president — claimed that Croucier formed his own band in early 2015 called “Juan Croucier’s RATT’s” and began using the RATT logo “on all advertisements, web sites, merchandise, marquees, fliers, and record jackets… Croucier also began referring to himself as ‘The Other Voice of RATT,’ even though… he was never the lead singer of RATT.”