Null ‘O’ Zero – The Enemy Within


Following their 2012 EP ‘Under Blood Red Sky’, Null ‘O’ Zero have released their first full length studio album, entitled ‘The Enemy Within’, through Rock of Angels Records. The Athens-based group combines a very aggressive, almost thrash-y at times style, along with a voice that’s usually heard in classic and power metal albums. For my ear, the closest point of reference of ‘The Enemy Within’ is ‘Framing Armageddon’ by Iced Earth, or, why not, ‘Jugulator’ by Judas Priest. Singer Geo Sinner will remind you of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, in his aggressive – high range vocal layering, and perhaps of Apollo Papathansio as well.

I really liked they arrangements in this album, with many changes of pace per song, but no unnecessary length exaggerations whatsoever. If I had to choose three songs from this, I’d say ‘Warframe’, ‘Unleashed by Fire’ and ‘King Without a Crown’. A promising debut for sure.