NY Fury – I Want It All


NY Fury was an American band that honed their craft in the NY/NJ Tri-State area during the 80s. Despite their hard working ethic and the band’s commitment, NY Fury didn’t see their efforts becoming fruitful thus became one of those not so rare “could have/should have” cases. Yet, I still remember –even kinda vaguely now- reading rave reviews in fanzines and various magazines, back in the day, with the main focus being the spectacular stage show despite the fact that it was an unsigned act. NY Fury surely brought in mind the similar case of Twisted Sister where they had to endure a full 9-year period playing in packed clubs without a label backing them up. Fast forward to late 2022 and here comes the promo material by the ever creative forces behind Eonian records: the NY Fury would finally see the light of day even with a 35-year delay. Better late than never, as they say…

“I Want It All” captures the essence of NY Fury; a band that worshipped Maiden and KISS in equal dose yet at the same time aimed towards all the radio stations in the country. This melodic hard n’ heavy approach was brought forward perfectly due to the powerful production while Gene Hunter’s compositional talent shines throughout the duration of the record. Songs like “Dance” (something in between Trixter and Poison), “If Only You Can See Me Now” (kinda in the vein of Warrant) and the title track which for a bizarre reason reminds of Maiden of the latter ear (just imagine something in between “Different World” and “Rainmaker”) are the definite highlights. It’d be a mishap if we didn’t make special reference to the instrumental “Let The Orgy Commence”, a tribute really to the mighty Iron Maiden.

All in all, “I Want It All” possess all those elements that we love about the 80s: melody, energy, uncompromised attitude and inspiration. NY Fury had them all in great quantity, quality and…a glamorous package! If only Lady Luck was by their side…oh well! For more info check them out here: www.eonianrecords.com.

Highlight: In case you are wondering about the band’s name origins, do you remember the monumental movie “The Warriors”…?