Obituary – Dying Of Everything


Many times I wonder how bands that play music and tour for decades are still active and continue to deliver without getting tired and tired. Especially. when you’re dealing with bands that play death metal and have reached a respectable age, then you say that surely it can’t happen easily. Obituary is a band that has found the recipe on how to “age” properly and this was already seen from their self-titled album that was released six years ago. Both “Obituary” and now “Dying Of Everything” show that the Americans are rightfully one of the biggest bands in the extreme sound scene to date and no one can deny that. They prove that in the year 2023 they can maintain their identity in each of their tracks but at the same time make sure in a special way that each one sounds different from the other while remaining 100% Obituary. The endless groove on the guitars and drums, John’s creepy timbre singing with passion and hate on every verse and the flawless production, is a combination that in my humble opinion will make fans who are not so into death metal to listen to the record and even become attached to it easily. I haven’t been to a death metal concert yet and if my first time was with Obituary in our country, I wouldn’t say no..!