There are moments that I really can’t find the words to begin with. So I’ll start with the basics. Oceans Of Slumber is not just another band. With an amazing second album they take place to one tour after another and we found ourselves very lucky to witness their first headline show in Europe.

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Our night begun with Mother Of Millions from Athens. A special band that did whatever it could to warm up the few people that showed up on Fuzz club and delivered a very good performance. Alternative and post melodies, progressive elements and the unique voice of George Prokopiou (Poem) kept us company for about half an hour. They played songs from their debut album, “Human”, as well as from their second one that will be released sometime soon. In the end, they earned a huge applause.

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Time wasn’t flowing at all until we saw Anthony Contreras on stage who started playing a melody on his guitar. Seconds after him, the rest of the band followed and started with the title track of “Winter”. It was the first shock of the night. Should I say about the sound that was perfect? Should I say about the technique of their members that was flawless? A live show that was a highlight altogether. The songs from “Winter” were performed excellently and despite the absence of their keyboard player they didn’t lose at all in dynamics. Even when they were covering classic songs, you just couldn’t admire how good they performed them and how they added their own elements to these songs without altering their character.


Keegan Kelly (bass), Anthony and mostly Sean Gary (guitar) contributed with growls whenever needed, especially in “Remedy” a song from their first album. Dobber Beverly, the chief of this band, was sturdy as rock behind the drum kit. As for Cammie Gilbert, what can I say that it hasn’t said before? The word talent is too little to describe that girl’s charisma. Her voice and the way she was using it, is something that you don’t get to see every day. Really amazing performance and stage presence, she was a feast for the eyes and ears. Of course, if she was wearing beautiful night dresses like she was attending a fund raising gala and singing like a soprano, I bet that Fuzz would have a bigger audience. But that’s fine, we were the lucky ones. You could see in people’s faces how they enjoyed this show. Personally, I felt like watching the birth of something great. I don’t know what the future will hold for these guys, but they deserve to go to the top.

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Respect to the promoters who brought us this band even if they knew the danger of low attendance and with a very cheap ticket. Oceans Of Slumber gave all they had, ignoring fatigue and sleeplessness and performed and excellent show. A night to remember. Thanks guys.

George Terzakis
Photos: Yiannis Dolas

Setlist: Winter, Sunlight, Remedy, Devout, Lullaby, Suffer The Last Bridge, Apologue, Solitude (Candlemass), …This Road, Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues), Wolf Moon (Type O Negative)