Insight Recrods announced the release of the book “Rush: Wandering The Face Of The Earth: The Official Touring History” which focuses on the Canadian trio tour history. Primus’ Les Claypool has written the foreword and Police’s Stewart Copland the afterword. The book’s cover was compiled by 30 years Rush expert Skip Daly and Eric Hansen who runs Rush’s fansite “Power Window” at “We first conceived it nine years ago, not long after the release of ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’. Covering the 40-plus-year touring history of our beloved band, it is a book that not only compiles the tour dates and setlists, but also tells the stories of what happened on tour. We weren’t alone in our quest, though, and enlisted the help of many fellow fans (you know who you are) to help flesh out these stories. With early approval from the folks at SRO (Rush’s management company), we were not only provided with their tour records, but they helped us connect with many crew members both past and present. In addition, we had the pleasure to speak to past band members such as Mitch Bossi, Lindy Young and Gerry Fielding, as well as John Rutsey’s brothers, Mike and Bill. When it came to the cover, we pitched some ideas over the phone to Hugh Syme, and he came back to us with the amazing cover you see.”