When I got Oliver Weers’ brand new album in my hands I really had no idea about the singer and his career, and to be honest I wasn’t too much interested to listen to the album, until I saw who was playing in it…
Don’t expect any superstar, favourite rock idol, a forgotten legend, or any of that, but one of our own guys, that I had the chance to enjoy every week once upon a time. He used to play in a club in Thessaloniki and blow people’s minds with his skills, his playing, but mostly his unique feeling that were bending the six strings of his weary brown-ish guitar… I am referring to Lakis Ragazas, a great talent, a huge musician that I am pleased to know, and listen that he is contributing in albums out of the Greek borders, because that means a lot.
Fair justice? Recognition? Success? Satisfaction? Something better? I don’t know how he feels, but all of us Greeks should feel proud when one of us is being heard overseas for something good, especially in those grim days we are living today.
Musically, the album could be tagged as modern hard rock, balancing between the States, and Europe, mainstream and classic. It’s not bad at all! Weers’ voice, for whom I was informed meanwhile that he appeared on Danish “X-Factor”, and has already released an album, is rather interesting. Lakis’ guitars are strong, without too much babbling, serving the album’s purposes obviously.
I can’t wait to listen to the new project Lakis Ragazas and R.D. Liapakis are going to participate on, Devil’s Train, which I think is out this summer. In the meantime, check out Lakis playing live and you won’t regret it!