ALPHA OMEGA Management is thrilled to announce the epic power metal legends OMEN to its roster family!

OMEN – formed in Los Angeles, California in 1983 by guitarist Kenny Powell – released their debut album “Battle Cry” in 1984, the song “The Axe Man” featured on the soundtrack for the Heavy Metal themed 2009 video game Brütal Legend (in 2009). Their 2nd release “Warning of Danger” (1985) established the band as one of the forefathers of Power Metal. In 1986 was released “The Curse” which spent several months on the “Burn!” charts in Japan. Later that year came out “Nightmares”. With new singer Coburn Pharr (later with Annihilator) the band released “Escape To Nowhere” in 1988, a milestone for the band that garnered their first U.S. radio single “Thorn in Your Flesh”. In 1996 the band was back again with “Reopening the Gates” (featuring Powell’s son Greg on vocals) and toured for the first time in Europe (with Fates Warning), opening the door for what has become one of the bands main stays, playing sold out shows “across the pond”. In 2003 original singer J.D. Kimball passed away after a long battle with cancer. Powell vowed to carry on the legacy of the original Omen sound and brought in singer Kevin Goocher for “Eternal Black Dawn” a definite throw back to the early sound of the band.
2016 will see the release of “Hammer Damage” a tribute to J.D.Kimball, once again featuring Kevin Goocher on vocals, veteran of the last three releases Andy Hass on bass and the return of original drummer Steve Wittig. The band plans a heavy tour schedule for this release including Europe, South America (where extensive touring has built them a solid following) and a major focus on re-establishing the band in U.S.A. as a major force to be reckoned with.
OMEN’s statement:
“Omen is very excited to be signing with Alpha Omega Management and we are looking forward to a long and productive relationship. Coming along at the same time of our new release “Hammer Damage” we feel like the timing is perfect and consider it a major step forward for the band.”
ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
“We are excited to welcome these power metal masters in OMEN to our family! With the release of the long waited “Hammer Damage”, the band will confirm that they are ready to reclaim their throne as masters of authentic and unadulterated US Metal. OMEN is soon back on road, so stay tuned!”
“Omen: Back For More!” – A brief history and overview of the band, featuring founder Kenny Powell, and a look at their 2016 release “Hammer Damage” which releases worldwide on DSN Music:

Current line up:
Kenny Powell, Guitars
Kevin Goocher, Vocals
Andy Hass, Bass
Steve Wittig, Drums

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