The term “Ommatidia” is used to describe the smaller “cells”, the units which compose insects’ compound eyes… I know… It is simply miraculous the way the human mind is operating when searching for a good name for a band…
French band Ommatidia storms out with their debut and those of you reading about them, will discover it’s actually a story about a band which called it quits (The Old Dead Tree), it’s a story about certain musicians who tried to start all over, it’s the story of some other musicians trying to help… Nicolas Chevrollier and Vincent Danhier (guitar and bass respectively) join forces with singer Guillaume Richard (Dustbowl – we have presented their work as well as interviewed them here in Rockpages), guitarist Gilles Vardon (Jarell) and drummer Olivier Rouget (SINN).
Okay… Some of you might be wondering… “Yeah, cool story, so what”? So, what comes out of this, is just awesomic Dark Rock/Goth, featuring low tuned guitars, pessimistic choruses, clean cut (rough at some point) vocals and atmosphere. Wait, wait, that’s not the way to put it. Oh, yeah… ATMOSPHERE! Yep, much better! The boys know how to play and what to play, in order to make it happen. Paradise Lost surely is one of their influences; on the other hand, having Guillaume on board, couldn’t possibly lead to any other dimension. Let us remind you that Dustbow’s album “In Recoil” is a splendid sample of Black Rock.

“Starspeed God” and “Learning on complete affinity” are two characteristic songs, regarding this piece of art. Darkening, vocals FXed, mourning guitars, double bass drumming here and there, cool parts, fearsome passages; they are two enchanting stories. As for the rest of the stories… You just have to get that album.