Onkel Tom Angelripper – Nunc Est Bibendum

I guess Tom Angelripper was in very good spirits while he was working on “Nunc Est Bibendum”. That, of course, is the best thing about side-projects; the artist has nothing to prove and doesn’t have to excel. On the contrary it’s a nice chance to express different emotions, make fun, and experiment on every other possible influence he or she has.
Onkel Tom honors our favorite music and beer drinking with this album. The songs are simple but combine punk, metal, rock n’ roll and even slow stoner parts. It is a melodic yet heavy album that I enjoyed a lot.  “Auf Nach Wacken” is my favorite tune but I empathize with “Lemmy Macht Mir Mut”, I envy everyone who has seen Bon Scott live because I haven’t (“Bon Scott Hab Ich Noch Live Gesehen”) and I’m laughing my arse off every time I’m listening to “Schade, Dass Man Bier Nicht Ficken Kann” (“Shame that one can’t f@@@ beer”). Listen to “Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen” and chances are you’ll feel that “Fast As A Shark” (Accept) is coming!
I believe the album cover is part of the fun as well… Bottom line: the record is a great choice for an evening with good friends and lots of beer.