Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection


One year after the release of “The Key”, Geoff Tate’s mind travelling continues with the second part of the trilogy.

Being familiar with Geoff Tate and every inch of his musical career as well as philosophy “Resurrection” sounds like I was expecting it.

Musically, it sounds like the sequence of “The Key” (which it is anyway) with several good moments and songs are mostly mid-tempo and I am sure that’s not what his older fans wanted. The album’s highlights lay inside the songs with interesting musical themes and interesting transitions, like for example on “A Smear Campaign”, a song whose guitar parts bring it closer to the singer’s past, unlike the 7-minute long “Invincible” where although someone would expect a musical orgy it flows beautifully but without any outbursts.

The album’s start is a bit problematic with four short instrumental tracks, actually four intros, some of them useless in my opinion. Also, the contribution of so many special guests doesn’t add anything more to the “Resurrection”, where David Eleffson’s is the most note worthy. As a conclusion, “Resurrection” is a decent release but is not intended for the average metal fan. That’s something that Tate has denounced ages ago. This is for those that follow him faithfully and embrace every note and inspiration. Some progressive fans might find it interesting, since its atmosphere is close to their musical likes.