PRESS RELEASE: Melodic hard rock supergroup OUT OF THIS WORLD featuring legendary names such as Kee Marcello(EUROPE), Tommy Heart (FAIR WARNING), Ken Sandin (ALIEN) and Darby Todd (DEVIN TOWNSEND, GARY MOORE, THE DARKNESS), have entered the earthly realms and their self-titled debut album is released today, including three bonus tracks as well as a seven-track bonus live album!

»Out Of This World« is a dream come true for everybody out there who is mourning the loss of quality melodic hard rock since forever and with the new single ‘In A Million Years‘, the band unveils another appetizer. This hugely epic song was originally written by Kee Marcello for EUROPE’s »Prisoners In Paradise« and spent the past 30 years in his drawer. “But with this voice, it was just perfect”, the OUT OF THIS WORLD frontman raves about his vocal force Tommy Heart. “To me, it’s one of the highlights of the album.” There is a right time for everything.

You can now watch the music video for ‘In A Million Years‘ here:

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In case you missed the previous single, ‘Hanging On’, watch the lyric video here:

»Out Of This World« – Track Listing:
01. Twilight
02. Hanging On
03. In A Million Years
04. Lighting Up My Dark
05. Staring At The Sun
06. The Warrior
07. Up To You
08. Ain’t Gonna Let You Go
09. Only You Can Teach Me How To Love Again
10. Not Tonight

Bonus Tracks:
11. Twilight (Demo Version)
12. In A Million Years (Demo Version)
13. Lighting Up My Dark (Demo Version)

Bonus live CD/LP:
01. Let The Good Times Rock
02. Burning Heart
03. Save Me
04. Open Your Heart
05. Momentum (Instrumental)
06. Superstitious
07. Ready Or Not

It’s no coincidence that Marcello‘s latest endeavor bears the name of that legendary multi-platinum EUROPE album released back in 1988. “When I told people about my new project, someone suggested I call it something like Kee Marcelo’s EUROPE. But that’s terrible,” he laughs. “I hated it. Tommy suggested to call it OUT OF THIS WORLD, simple as that. Just as the BLACK SABBATH guys and Dio did with HEAVEN AND HELL.”

The same vibe, the same ear for melody, the same hooks permeate an album that was brought to life with the vigor and passion you wouldn’t exactly expect in a rock star who’s seen it all and done it all in the past forty years. “I’ve always concentrated on music, and my passion for that never changed,” he says. “I’ve never changed style; I’ve never tried to do anything I’m not doing well.”

»Out Of This World« beams with a freewheeling and overflowing sense of fun, musicianship, and togetherness. It’s an effortless flux that’s just not normally found on a debut. “You have to remember that Darby, Ken, and I go way back,” the legendary axe-man notes of his rhythm section. “We did hundreds of gigs together and are as tight as a thumbscrew. Same thing goes for Tommy and I: we clicked instantly when working together for the first time a couple of years ago. We have this almost brotherly connection. We’re literally reading each other’s minds, man. There was no stumbling block, it was all a self-playing piano.”

Same goes for vocalist Tommy Heart who’s been around in this game forever as well. “You meet, you play, and sparks begin to fly,” he describes the chemistry between the members. “We don’t even talk that much. We simply let the music speak. We touch our hearts when we play which is something that’s incredibly rare to find. Nobody has to explain himself; everybody is doing just what anybody else would do at that moment.” Heart was instantly hooked when he realized that OUT OF THIS WORLD was more than a one-off thing between bored musicians in lockdown. “I don’t like these temporary projects,” he muses. “This here is the real deal.”

“With OUT OF THIS WORLD, though, it never felt like a project,” says Marcello and he admits: “It felt like a band from day one. This is why the album turned out so well. It has a genuine band feel to it.” At their very first rehearsal session in Marcello‘s hometown of Gothenburg, they sketched a couple of songs that would later wind up on their debut, namely ‘Twilight’, ‘Lighting Up My Dark’ and ‘In A Million Years’. “We actually found ourselves right in the middle of our first recording session without even knowing it,” he marvels. “Everything felt so natural and so good that writing the rest of the songs was a walk in the park.”

Graced by additional key wizardry courtesy of DEEP PURPLE‘s very own Don Airey and embellished by a Ron Nevison mix (KISS, BAD COMPANY, OZZY OSBOURNE, MEAT LOAF, HEART, CHICAGO, DAMN YANKEES etc.) who reunited with Marcello for the first time since producing EUROPE‘s »Out Of This World« a staggering thirty-three years ago, the songs masterfully transport the bygone era of melody driven, anthemic hard rock into the present. From uptempo rocking first single ‘Hanging On’ via ‘In A Million Years’, originally written for EUROPE‘s »Prisoner In Paradise«, to colossal anthem ‘Lighting Up My Dark’ and prog-rock playground ‘Staring At The Sun’, OUT OF THIS WORLD solitarily resurrect a genre we thought was lost forever.

— — — — —

Tommy Heart | vocals
Kee Marcello | guitars, keyboards
Ken Sandin | bass
Darby Todd | drums