Having already two albums under their belt, Outloud releases an EP that includes four new songs plus two different versions of the much beloved cuts “We Run” and “Falling Rain”. At the same time, they are gearing up for their next recording opus clearly ignoring trends and sign of the times and most importantly retaining their impetus from their successful course so far. Outloud are, really, not doing anything overblown or exaggerated; they simply love music and offer it widely to all the fans of the melodic hard n’ heavy sound. The songs are qualitative, uplifting, catchy and well-crafted being against the wind of misery and complication of our time and age.

“More Catastrophe” is the natural successor of…you guessed it…the brilliant “Love Catastrophe” and as a matter of fact is so good that I was personally surprised by its sheer quality as I didn’t expect that it would be in the same league as the full length record. The album kicks off with an instant winner as “Saints on Fire” blows the unsuspected listener away with its galloping rhythm and the inspired chorus. The EP continues with the majestic “Cross The Line” and “Mr. Long Gone”, two tracks that reveal Outloud’s mood to prove that this is not yet another poseur band but a hard n’ heavy outfit with its roots firmly located in the 80s. The ballad “Last Day of December” is really sweet and remarkable while the flamenco version of “Falling Rain” and “the piano/vocals only” “We Run” (by the excellent duet of Katsionis and Mogler) is really the ultimate end of yet another impressive album by Outloud. I am already looking forward to the next full length record but for the time being…I’d better be ready for More Catastrophe!

Highlight: The album will be available at the band’s concerts, through their official site and via AOR Heaven.