Overkill – White Devil Armory





It seems that Overkill is going through a second phase of youthful energy and unparalleled dynamic that’s evident for a third studio album in a row. The band not only delivers the goods but they are also honoring their illustrious past with “White Devil Armory”. Personally, I was really disappointed back in 2007 with “Immoratlis” and given that its predecessor (“ReliXIV”) didn’t raise exactly that many eyebrows, I was really skeptical. But, then came “Ironbound” and (especially) “The Electric Age” and everything fell into the right place. “White Devil Armory” continues where “The Electric Age” stopped and actually raises the bar a little bit higher.

The first single “The Armorist” starts the record and sets the atmosphere of what the listener is abound to receive with this brand new offering by the New Jersey-based outfit. Groovy, in your face and ideal for the mosh pit number…I’d bet a few bucks actually that this would be the first song of the setlist of Overkill’s upcoming tour. “The Armorist” gives way to (quite possibly) the best cut of the album “Down To The Bone” where lead guitarist Dave Linsk is on fire! “King Of The Rat Bastards” and “In The Name” complete the puzzle of the standout moments on “White Devil Armory” while it would be a mishap if we didn’t mention that the ever characteristic voice of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth is intact and as passionate as ever!
For those waiting for a totally different product compared to “The Electric Age”…well, you won’t find it in here. On the other hand, it is commendable and quite remarkable to have three albums in a row that make every thrash metal fan proud and happy. And that’s the essence of music, right?
Highlight: Let’s see if the band will play in Greece in the frame of the band’s European Tour?