Overkill working on their new album


Overkill’s drummer, Jason Bittner, announced that the band has started working on their new studio album.

“COVID won’t stop the new OVERKILL record from being made…..tracking starts a week from this Monday……holy shit that’s soon…..I’d like to send a HUGE shoutout to a few of my endorsers that know a time crunch and are still here for me during these rough times!!!” wrote Bittner on Facebook.

Earlier this year he also said about making a new album on the Metal Pilgrim: “Our plan was to be on the road with a full European tour March 2021 with a new album. We have no idea if that’s gonna even be a possibility right now, because timelines that we had for the record label and whatnot are no longer those anymore, because the record label is shut down and nobody is doing any business right this very second. So I don’t know, in the grand scheme, whether that’s gonna happen, but I do think that’s kind of good that this is happening right now, because I know we were starting with five or six songs, and I know D.D. (Verni / bass) is up to nine right now. So, it’s given us the freedom to be able to take some more time to write, which I think is important. So I think, in an odd sort of way, this is a good thing for us right now, being home and being forced to work in this environment.”