Stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, guilt, despair, repentance, atonement. The thoughts and feelings of Daniel Gildenlow that astonish the listener through the songs of the new album of Pain of Salvation. The reason is an unexpected illness that almost cost him his life. The amazong Daniel reminisces and narrates through the 71-minutes of the new album this difficult experience that he had with a unique way. A tough and arduous battle for life. His expressive interpretation scares you as you become a participant of the emotions that he felt through this journey.

Musically Pain Of Salvation return to prog metal with “modern” influences. In the album “In the Passing Light of Day” you will find out what you know and love in their music. Dynamic aggression and sweet gentle melodies. Different tempo between tracks, uncommon time signatures and atmospheric passages. From the first track of the album “On A Tuesday” you will find out what you are going to experience. A dark and emotionally charged album that will surely be among the best of this year. The last track of the album “The Passing Light of Day” is an outstanding 15-minute epic and a truly great work of art. The riveting story of Daniel originally built on a leitmotif of a guitar melody that leads to an indescribable climax after seven minutes and perhaps one of the most beautiful choruses throughout their career. Pain of Salvation are back with another gem and for sure their best release since “Be”. I’m glad that we did not lose another great artist in 2014. The last words of this review belong to the band-leader Daniel Gildenlöw:

“What started off as an annoying infection has, in just hours, suddenly pivoted into the very real possibility of my actual dying.” That’s not to say, however, that all this record presents is blackness. “This album also shows the beauty of the transition, of the inevitable. And of the hope of a tomorrow, the hope of change, no matter how frail and naive that hope may be.”