Pale Divine

Doomsters Pale Divine are releasing their 5th full-length self-titled work, and you can imagine what this means. If a band names its album after its own name, and this is not the debut, it is likely that they believe so much in their songs that they want to make a new beginning or to project / stabilize their identity. Pale Divine are not new comers; they exist since the mid-90s with their first demo being recorded in 1997. Unfortunately, even after I was assigned to review the album, I did not manage to hear their older material, but in the end “Pale Divine” became an ideal acquaintance, which is unreservedly recommended! The great success of “Pale Divine” is that it manages to combine the two most important eras of the Black Sabbath sound, as for example “Master of Reality” and “Heaven and Hell”! This is perceived immediately when you listen to “Spinning Wheel”. Masculine, bravish doom metal strongly based in the 70’s. “Bleeding Soul” is one of these songs that comes in with a furious solo, only to be led into a folky-moving verse.

The groovy “Chemical Decline” is the one that with its second galloping part, finalizes the conclusion of the amazingly inspired work that has been done with the guitar solos! “Pale Divine” contains eight great doom songs, without cheap bedazzlements. “Curse the shadows” (reminding of “Symptom of the universe”) and the 8minute “Shades of the blue” with the fuzzy bass co-starring, are the highlights of the album.

With passion and honoring the doom heritage, Pale Divine takes a step forward. Memorable work.