Panzer – Send Them All To Hell


If Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann left Accept to create the new Accept, this is by itself an unsuccessful project. Even if they just wanted to present something new, that’s still a failure.

Shortly after their split from a classic metal and… in top shape band, the two in by any means excellent musicians, present a release which makes them seem like clones of Accept.
I can’t say that “Send Them All To Hell” is a bad album. It has a powerful sound, high speed and a very good production. In terms of composition it’s almost decent, however it’s not exciting. Schmier on vocals shows in many points his thrash origins; however, we can say that it is a good match with the style of his two associates.

Without really knowing, I suspect that many of the songs of this album were written for Accept and weren’t included in any of their albums. I can’t give any other explanation for this release. Also, the cover of “Murder In The Skies” (Gary Moore) at the end, wasn’t a very good idea.

If there were no substantial personal arguments between Frank and Schwarzmann and the rest members of Accept, I really can’t find any reason for the existence of this band. With great respect to the musicians of Panzer, I hope for something better and more substantial in the future.