Paradise Lost once again proved that they can still gather large crowds in Greece, and with this particular show they erased (pun intended) the bitter aftertaste left by some of their recent visits.

Things got started with Shattered Hope. It’s certainly interesting to see the different support acts that Paradise Lost have had over the years, depending on their sound at each given period. This time, with that setlist, Shattered Hope were the perfect fit. Funeral death/doom of the My Dying Bride school, powerful vocals and captivating long compositions. They were rightfully applauded.


Paradise Lost came out on stage at 21:45, with one of the best songs from ‘The Plague Within’ album, ‘No Hope in Sight’. I was mentally picturing the last time I saw them, at the 2012 Rockwave festival, and it was as if they were another band. Communicative, humorous, and with the two main concerns about the sound already resolved: Both the leads of mastermind Greg Mackintosh and the voice of Nick Holmes, who was in great form, could be heard easily. They played 7 songs off their latest release, plus some strategically chosen fan favorites (‘Enchantment’ being my personal highlight), in order to change the mood every once in a while.

ParadiseLost2The last concern was about the duration of the show. It was still rather short, recently Machine Head played two and a half hours having less records than Paradise Lost, but at least they surpassed the absolute minimum.
The last ‘image’ during the second encore, of people moshing to the sounds of ‘The Last Time’ kind of says it all about this continuing love affair between Greek fans and Paradise Lost.

Romanos Terzis


Setlist: No Hope in Sight, Widow, The Painless, Terminal, Erased, Praise Lamented Shade, Victim of the Past, Enchantment, Flesh from Bone, Beneath Broken Earth, As I Die, Requiem

Encore: Return to the Sun, Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us, An Eternity of Lies, Say Just Words

Encore 2: The Last Time