Has anyone ever count how many times Paradise Lost have visited Greece? Since their debut performance on October 3, 1992, they have visited our country fifteen times and they have become one of the most beloved bands of the Greek audiencs. Most of their concerts, almost all, have been sold out!


This time, despite the background of the stage, the performance of the British band didn’t aim to promote a new album, as “Tragic Idol” was represented only by the self-titled single, but it seemed to be a warm up tour since it was consisted of a total of five performances after the summer festivals.
Potergeist assumed to warm up the audience that had already almost filled the club, with a forty – minute show of decent doom / stoner metal, presenting their new album, “Swampires”. It was a pretty good show from the Greek band and the audience liked it judging by their reactions.
The five guys in black stepped on stage on 21.40′ through the usual wild enthusiasm of the crowd. However they weren’t good enough in the first minutes of “Mortals Watch The Day” with which they began. Somehow the sound, somehow Holmes who seemed as he was having again a little health problem and they had some instability in their performance. However that was restored immediately. The health  of Holmes was probably the reason for the very short set, just 75 minutes. However in these minutes, Paradise Lost were once more amazing. We saw again excellent performances and of course the unique feeling of their music. The performance of “Remembrance” and “Isolate” was notable, as they don’t use to  play them for years. Besides Holmes whom we have seen much better, Mackintosh and Aedy were as good as we know them, and especially the first one show who is the leader of the band, while Edmondson was as always the calm power of Paradise Lost. Regarding Adrian Erlandsson, he shows that he deserves to be the drummer of the band since 2009.
Definitely we have seen better performances of Paradise Lost. However, if we exclude its duration, the performance of the band was very good. Holmes has repeatedly stated that he can’t sing for two hours every day. I respect that, but here we had a very short tour and the band was free to play anything they want without any pressure. In my opinion they could play for 15-20 minutes more
However I expect them again soon. Even so, I had a great time listening to this band once again.
Dimitris Kazantzis

Set list:  Mortals Watch The Day, So Much Is Lost, Remembrance, Gothic, Enchantment, Faith Divides Us…Death Unites Us, Tragic Idol, Isolate, Say Just Words, Rotting Misery, One Second, Erased, Over The Madness, The Last Time